DECARBONIZING SHIPPING – is it only about the alternative fuels?

Decarbonising Shipping – A detailed look at carbon intensity measures and other available options for lowering GHG emissions and complying with regulations.

This is a joint Wärtsilä – DNV GL presentation followed by a panel discussion on decarbonising the marine industry – how it can be achieved and what are the implications for industry stakeholders.

This fall, the IMO will agree on the greenhouse gas regulations intended to significantly reduce shipping emissions by 2030. At the same time, the EU is on the cusp of ratcheting up its own requirements for shipping.
If shipping is to meet the IMO’s target of reducing carbon intensity by 40% from 2008 levels by 2030, action is needed now. What is the best way forward? Are future fuels the only answer? And is the IMO’s target realistic?

In this joint webinar, DNV GL, Wärtsilä and AMSA will discuss the enhanced SEEMP, EEXI, Market based measures, EU Emissions Trading system, up to the operational level of the fleet complying the regulations. The presentations will help you navigate the alphabet soup of incoming proposals, fleet efficiency solutions, regulations and understand the impacts these have on your fleet in service.

This session will also cover the relevant benefits of new technologies, new business models and taking a smart approach to meeting the challenges involved.

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