CARGO-ID Simplifying Logistics

Logistics stakeholder who have spent some time tightening their delivery processes will feel the efficiency and CRP of their shipping target by using CARGO-ID.

CARGO-ID provides Simple On-time and Secure Logistics. Simply to access and order, even tracking, just using their smartphone or PC or Laptop.

Our Customers who is implementing smart userfriendly logistics will see and take the following benefits:

  1. Up to 8 percent inventory reduction
  2. Up to 8 percent increase in perfect orders
  3. Up to 10 percent increase in revenue
  4. Improved service levels
  5. Forecast Accuracy Improvements

Logistics is simple by CARGO-ID

Furthermore, customers need to be focused on their production and or service aspect and not to be botherred by handling their own logistics matters, but to let CARGO-ID become their reliable competitive logistics partners to solve their logistics complexity.

CARGO-ID Simplifying logistics gives simple and traceable logistics, come with user friendly access supported by competitive transporters from land, sea and air services, that could be connected to their own logistics program.

CARGO-ID is truly simplifying logistics.

CARGO-ID is Simple Ontime and Secure Logistics.

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