CARGO-ID simplifying logistics is a logistics platform that provides variuous competitive and efficient transporters and logistics support to be used by customers.

CARGO-ID value is simple ontime and secure logistics.

For Logistics: things better when we care, as we care logistics.

For CARGO-ID: logistics is the implementation flow of anything about placing, stuffing, moving, sending and receiving that followed and managed with any of handling, filing, recording, tracking and monitoring. Winning logistics is winning the truly business process.

Together we champ our logistics needs. Order now, and feel the simplifying logistics. CARGO-ID integrates and improve logistics and supply chain.

Delivery and logistics will be simple, ontime and secure with CARGO-ID

Here’s what you can expect from CARGO-ID:

  • Using variuous competitive and efficient transporters trucks & ships
  • Provide Logistics Support; insurance, warehouse, tech hardware & software
  • With CARGO-ID: save money, save time, paperless but recorded

    CARGO-ID services:
  • General Cargo, LCL, FCL, TC, FC
  • Handling Hazardous Waste Handling (Limbah B3 – Industrial & Medical)
  • Procurement of Logistics Support & Medical Devices

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